Monday, November 7, 2016

Best Fall, Best Birthday, Best Life Ever..

"And so it goes....."

 I live my dreams. 

 I do it today and every day and I encourage those I know and love to do the same.
Don't wait, do not delay. Do it now.

I have celebrated a milestone birthday this year. 

   I have lost more friends and family members than any other year  of my life.

  This is why every fall of the year when my birthday is rounding the corner, I will try not to  fret over the number of years I am, but instead, to try and take an inventory that I am making the most of every moment, of every day.

And this fall, my birthday was the most love filled of my life!

 There was a surprise stay in a small quaint town.
 Fields and farmers markets.

 Friends who traveled for a blessed weekend of togetherness including a farm to table dinner party, vintage and antique shopping. 

There were Maryland crab cakes, and cool fireside evenings and simple pleasures...

There were special gifts that made my heart swirl with joy...

And a visit to our nations capital to partake in the bliss....

 I am blessed to share all of these things and more  with the one I call "my beloved".. 

 A love story it is..

 We were first loves who found one another again after 30 years... we share the same birthday, one year apart, and we share the same heart and the same soul...

Among so many beautiful moments, this special birthday also included a concert to see my all time favorite songstress, Stevie Nicks. 

 Our seats were perfect, the music beyond beautiful and my heart,  rocked from the inside out.

I hope to forever live like Stevie, the gypsy that remains, who adores vintage beauty, rocks to the tune of her wild heart, and wears boots all Summer, Fall and winter long...

Best Fall, Best Birthday, Best life ever..

Blessings and love to you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The "Empty" Bucket List

For me, this year has brought  lots of joy, love and happiness, but it has also been a year of some difficult times and journeys...

I laid my beloved mother to rest a little over a week ago and it has taken me to a deep place of appreciation, respect and solitude.

It has taken me through waves of emotion that sometimes encompass me in my thoughts for hours. It is so difficult to watch someone you love commit to fighting a health battle and feel like you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, only then to see them decline, and leave this earthly realm far too soon.

Truly I think, there is no way possible to venture through this type of situation without trust in that one fabulous 5 letter word.... FAITH.

I thank God for keeping that word ever present in my heart.. Even if at times faith feels small or far away.. a little voice inside me says"remember faith"..

It seems strange to say that the last 4 or 5 days I spent with my mom as she was trying to recover were some of the most joyful... We were  Laughing, joking, watching silly TV shows, going on wheelchair rides to the healing garden and getting pedicures in her hospital room. I will be forever thankful for those special moments. 

I have also been seeing friends lose loved ones, families  who are struggling with health issues, and people too saddened to live in the moment, which brings me to the title of this posting, "The Empty Bucket List."

You see, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday soon, and because of this I started a bucket list. Things I want to do, experience, see. Most of the things are simple pleasures, things I've wondered about or found intriguing, but never found the time to do. During one of my recent morning reflection times on my front porch swing, it hit me.

I want to have a bucket list but I want that bucket for the most part to be empty, meaning I'm not going to let there be lots of things on that list.. Why? Because I am going to LIVE AND DO my bucket list. Starting today and EVERYDAY.

So today, I am doing one of the many things on my bucket list.

I have always wanted to take a long train journey.

Now of course, because of my nature, I am sure I am over glamorizing what this experience will be like. I envision it like the old days... When gentleman wore suspenders and suits and ladies wore hats and gloves. I am sure it will be much more casual and ordinary today, but you know what? I am going to make out of it how I saw it on my bucket list.

So off I went to the train station wearing my hat and gloves...

I am sure once I've been on the train a few hours, I will be escaping to the bathroom to put on my sweat pants, but for now, I am a happy girl who has one less thing on my bucket list. I'm doing it my way and I wish to encourage everyone to do the same.

Live in the moment... keep your glass full, but your bucket list empty. I do believe I may have discovered keeping my bucket list empty will  be one of the greatest things I've ever done in my  life...

Blessings and love to you my friends..xo

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A New Chapter..

 It has been some time since I have been able to sit down and post on my blog and I have missed the fact I have missed all creativity from working in my studio, to photographing, to cooking.

This is due to a new chapter in my life.  After spending many years in the South Florida area, I found myself longing  for the simple pleasures and joys of a small town.

 The move has taken several months as I also moved my art studio which will now be within my new historic home.

 I truly am a small town spirit, choosing little local stores or boutiques any day over a big department store..or small antique shops over large chain furniture stores..or buying food and veggies at a local green market instead of the grocery store.

I did much exploring in the central Florida area and I found the perfect place for me.

It is a quaint little town called DeLand . 

It is historic and fabulous, unique and special.  It has such an eclectic range of people, art and cuisine!  The town college is Stetson University so there are also lots of young, fun college students around.

I have so many favorite things about DeLand, but one of the best is that I can walk around the corner to The Athens theatre which is a small, sweet, beautiful and historic theatre.  I plan on taking in many shows here...

DeLand's courthouse is beautiful and I ADORE hearing the clock chime on the hour...I think it is such peaceful touch that one can only find in a historic town.

This is a before photo of my new home.  It was built in 1912 and has charming features such as the original wood doors, floors and windows.   It even has a sweet little storage house in the back.

I was thrilled to learn that the home was originally owned by a very well known local artist named Brenda Star.  I was blessed to be gifted with some of her original water color paintings from the previous owners.   I will frame them to hang in the house for always.... 


 It will bring me great joy that my studio will be in the house now.  Maybe it was meant to be and Brenda's energy will delight in the fact that another artist, me, creates within the bliss of this special place.

Here is a sneak peek at the way I am transforming the house.  I changed it's colors to soft shades of blue and white and am putting up a pretty fence and starting a garden.  One of the things I am most excited about is the swing that will adorn the front porch!  It is being made out of a shabby chic headboard!

I look forward to many beautiful years and memories in this home which  I have named "The Cozy Castle".... I will share more about it's transformation and the wonderful events and pleasures  that this sweet town of DeLand offers! xoxo

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Greatest Gatsby

 My Gatsby Artist event was held this past November and drew artist friends from around the country for a bliss filled weekend of shopping, dining and creating!

It was truly a feast for the eyes to see everyone dress the part in their "Gatsby" finest! 

  There were feathers and frills and beads galore and well.... WE PARTIED LIKE GATSBY!!!!

 After a full day of antique and vintage shopping, we gathered for a  dessert soiree' in my outdoor shabby shack which I transformed into a Speak Easy party palace!

  We sipped on "Deco Diva" Martinis and created our own 1920's feathered headbands...

 I had so much fun with the decor for the event... I found a lampshade and decided it would be perfect for the table centerpiece which was used throughout the weekend.  

I also hung beaded curtains and created a few hanging Gatsby Girl collages which added to the ambiance.

One of the grandest treats of all was being swooned by the amazing voice of Paula Baker... she lined up the finest of songs that left us in AWE and we ended the night doing the Charleston by the light of the candles!

Saturday morning we gathered and I taught my project which was an embellished fur collar!  Decadent and Opulent just like the Gatsby era... 
I adored seeing the ladies create their own...each one was different and unique....

And on Saturday night we had a GRAND party, just like Jay Gatsby himself would have hosted...and guess what???  We were even lucky enough to have our very own JAY GATSBY!!

He really is Randy, one of the greatest men on earth and also one of the greatest friends life has ever gifted me with.. dosen't he look just like Leo DeCaprio in the film????  

Randy and I share such a love of The Great Gatsby story and the film, and it has fallen into place that we call each other Gatsby and Daisy.... perhaps we were  those people in another day and time..We like to think so! :)

Oh and how SWELL were the Gatsby Girls???  JUST DIVINE I tell you!!!

Sunday morning my dear friend and amazing artist Judy Stafford presented her project, "Daisy's Divine Daytimer"... a calendar planner for the new year!  I love mine so much and use it every day.

Stacy had a ball creating hers!

  The weekend  also presented gifts of the grandest kinds!  Judy and I created and exchanged embellished cigarette cases.....

 And Miss Erika bought me the most amazing wine!!

 As I have said in the past about all of the artist events I have presented.. there isn't anything more incredible than gathering with like minded creative spirits for a weekend of bliss...
It is like a great explosion of  creative joy and I can hardly wait until the next time...

Until then, I wish you all a blessed and beautiful New Year!